Professional Services Professional Services

Delivering the best possible service. 

Apak Group’s key focus is customer satisfaction, and we aim to deliver this in every aspect of our business. We run a Professional Services scheme to ensure we support our prospects and clients throughout the early stages of planning and implementation, all the way through the going live, and beyond.

Technical Service
Our company has proudly obtained ISO Accreditations 27001 and 9001. Through this, we take the stress out of security management for our clients, and we have a firm company ethos that prioritizes the crucial importance of sensitive client data.

Business Consultancy
We have an impressive team of experienced business consultants who oversee business process management (BPM), full project delivery, implementation and training to the provision of ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) system delivery and support.

Professional Team
Our employees have come from a range of backgrounds and we boast a huge wealth of internal industry knowledge. Members of our senior management team have joined us from prestigious industry firms, bringing with them first-hand experience of running a business from a client perspective. This enables them to ensure our projects are client focused, with this mentality being shared with the teams they manage.

Our teams have an abundant knowledge of the products we create, which ensures they know the best practice when it comes to providing it to our clients. The client-focused attitude of the company keeps us up to date with the fast-paced industry we are in and our software engineers are always innovating to maintain and enhance our future-proof, market-leading products.