Data Centers Data Centers

We have perfected our recovery process to ensure the safety of your data.

Apak Group processes huge amounts of financial data for major financial institutions and automotive clients; therefore it is critical that we can handle any issues that may disturb this service. To cater for this, we have nominated primary and secondary data centers in both Europe and North America. Each secondary data center houses a replica network and server infrastructure to that of the primary site.

We replicate both internal and client business-critical data from our offices to our Disaster Recovery Data Center to ensure that in an unlikely event of the site “going down” our back up site is prepared and work can continue as normal.

Disaster Recovery is a necessary part of our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 requirements and is often contractually agreed with our clients. Twice a year we scrutinize every aspect of our business using a company-wide disaster recovery test to ensure our clients and our company are fully protected.  Over the years we have perfected our recovery process to ensure we can successfully resolve any major issues. As part of the Disaster Recovery test we follow a strict protocol:

  • Adhering to the Incident Management Process to advise our clients
  • System access and validation is checked
  • Data is imported/recovered based on the most recent backup
  • Data processing is continued (subject to anticipated delays)
  • While contingency service is still in progress, we establish a future level of service required by the client
  • We provide a replacement primary data processing facility and agree with the client how/when to switch back to an optimal configuration

Testing ensures both our internal structure and that of our ASP clients. The Data Center hosts comprehensive onsite facilities for our staff; there are remote Juniper connections that enable the staff to continue working as normal without the need to share or shift work.

We also operate data processing and contingency facilities in:

  • New Jersey (US)
  • Arizona (US)
  • Surrey (UK)
  • Middlesex (UK)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)