Why WFS?

Apak Group’s leading Wholesale Finance Floorplanning System (WFS) is the number one choice for wholesale finance providers

Our expert team is passionate about our product and about customer satisfaction meaning we develop WFS with the client in mind. WFS enables our clients to run their business smoothly, in real-time and in their control. 

Why is WFS right for your business?

Flexible, agile, innovative

WFS is a highly flexible wholesale finance application that puts finance companies in complete control. You can customize your credit policies and also launch new marketing initiatives and financial products rapidly and cost-effectively without complex changes to the system.

Manage your business your way

WFS has a “self-service” functionality that enables you to deliver better business service in the way you want. By enabling dealers to integrate WFS with their Dealer Management System, WFS eliminates needless administration and improves data accuracy.

Unique “single system” delivery

Developed exclusively for wholesale finance, WFS integrates all financial products and portfolios into a single, unique core software application. This results in greatly improved operating efficiency, a real-time view across all funding lines, and easy deployment.

Greater business process efficiency

WFS provides maximum configurability over financial products, plans, dealers and individual credit lines. Companies can offer diverse financial terms and apply customizable business rules to reflect the credit risk and commercial rating of each dealer or dealer group. You’ll experience greater business process efficiency as well as reduced credit risk for floorplanning providers.

Our team is happy to help. Contact us to find out more about how WFS can enhance your business.

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