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Apak Group is proud to support and work with some of the most prestigious names in the industry

Below you can find a selection of case studies that outline the process, pre and post implementation, of WFS with a number of our wholesale finance clients. Each outlines the system requirements of each client, the solution that WFS provided and the results of the process.

Credit Agricole, Customer Case Study

Credit Agricole Consumer Finance-Netherlands required a new wholesale floorplanning system to support its Ribank automotive brand. A specialist web-based wholesale floorplanning solution was required which could combine all financial products and portfolios into one core application. Apak's leading WFS was selected to fulfil the requirements.

Mazda Russia, Customer Case Study

Mazda Motors Europe wanted to provide its dealers in Russia with a Wholesale Floorplanning facility to replace the existing ‘consignment’ and ‘pledge’ funding arrangements.

Mazda Europe, Customer Case Study

Mazda Motors Europe required a specialist wholesale floorplanning system to support its plans to enter new European markets in the vehicle finance sector.

Lombard Asset Finance, Customer Case Study

Lombard identified a potential market opportunity in the automotive finance industry that could generate significant income and rapid growth. For this, Lombard required a specialist and robust wholesale floorplanning system that would support fully automated, high volume unit processing with sufficient control to mitigate risk.

Toyota Financial Services, Customer Case Study

Toyota Financial Services’ decision to in-source the majority of its finance operations meant that a new system was required to replace the existing outsourced wholesale solution. The system would have to cater for Toyota Financial Services’ 40 internal users, 210 Toyota dealerships and 50 Lexus centers.

Santander Consumer Finance, IBS Case Study

Santander Consumer Finance recognized a shift in power towards the motor finance industry. To keep up with the changing market they required a wholesale finance system that would be able to deliver wholesale stocking facilities, as well as advanced commissions. Published by: IBS Intelligence.

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