For significant bulk mail discounts

Proven bulk-mailing capability

Introduced by Royal Mail, Apak Group’s Business Mail service provides clients with significant bulk mailing discounts. Mailings are presented in a defined pre-sorted sequence, greatly reducing any additional sorting required by Royal Mail.

Choose your delivery speed

Business Mail handles large volume mail accurately and cost-efficiently using three delivery speeds:

  • Business Mail First Class for critical or time sensitive mail
  • Business Mail Second Class for delivery within 2 working days
  • Business Mail Economy for delivery within 4 working days

Choose your sorting volume

  • With ‘Business Mail High Sort’ mailing items are sorted into 1525 different selections (reflecting 1525 geographic areas).
  • With ‘Business Mail Low Sort’, mailing items are sorted into 86 different selections (reflecting 86 geographic areas). Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) fonts or adding a client barcode (CBC) speeds up the sorting process and attracts a higher mailing discount.

Choose more services

Apak Group provides additional Royal Mail services:

  • Advertising Mail - for advertising campaigns or the sale of products and services
  • Publishing Mail - for newsletters, journals and magazines

Fully accredited by Royal Mail

Business Mail is available as a stand-alone front-end version or as a callable DLL that can be incorporated into existing mailing solutions. Business Mail provides all financial reports, line listings and label files and has been fully accredited by Royal Mail.

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