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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sword Apak Extends Global Reach

Sword Apak Extends Global Reach

Sword Apak, the leading global provider of wholesale finance floorplan software have this week further reinforced its international status by opening their latest office in Melbourne, Australia. The move underpins its growth in the country and will support a wider audience across the broader Asia Pacific region.

The opening of the new Sword Apak office, based in the recently refurbished iconic Georges building on Collins Street, Melbourne, will see the business increasing its headcount to support what the CEO, Tony Allen, sees as a long-term commitment to the market. Allen notes;

“While increasingly we operate in a global marketplace, our experience has taught us that having a strong presence in clearly defined regions is crucial. This ensures that our technology is appropriate to the regulatory, taxation and cultural variances that exist locally. Importantly, it also enables us to provide the type of agile support that is synonymous with our brand. We are already working with some highly recognizable members of the Australian financial services community, and with our latest office development and growing headcount, we plan to accelerate our growth across the region.”

Sword Apak’s expansion strategies into Australia has been well timed, coinciding with recent client go-lives and a steady outlook to new car sales, the area in which its wholesale stocking software is so well renowned. Within this market, the role of car finance over the last ten years has become progressively significant with around 90% of all car sales relying on finance. It is a figure that equates to an estimated market size of $35.7 billion (AUD).

Sword Apak’s Head of Sales and Business Development in Asia Pacific, Trevor Barr stated that “we have some really exciting times ahead, building on our Australasian client relationships across the Asia Pacific region, primarily on best of breed software Wholesale Finance Floorplanning System (WFS).”