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Friday, December 21, 2018

Latest Asia Pacific go live for Apak Group’s Wholesale Finance Bailment Solution with Macquarie Leasing Australia

WFSv6 offers a highly configurable and innovative wholesale finance solution; it provides the ability to flex and adapt to quickly meet the changing needs of its clients and their floorplan customers.

The Australian market is highly competitive and WFSv6 is aligned to meet the fast-moving bailment marketplace requirements. WFSv6 offers a future-proof technology that integrates highly configurable, fully automated processes empowering a business to keep up with market challenges.

The solution delivers benefits including improved flexibility in moving stock, faster on-boarding of new business partners, and introducing stock auditing workflow engines which provide enhanced risk management.

Apak Group looks forward to building its partner relationship with Macquarie Leasing. James Powell, EVP, Apak Group commented “We are delighted to have successfully implemented WFSv6 with Macquarie Leasing and look forward to facilitating their customer-focused relationships.”


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