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Current group of Graduates epitomize the fundamental principle of Apak culture

It’s not uncommon for employees to lack insight into other departments’ roles, responsibilities and challenges. 

A company is an ever-changing business entity, where each part – and, indeed, the collaboration between different departments -- is essential for its success and progression. Apak's graduate scheme started with the realization that multi-skilled employees with a wider understanding of the various company processes can benefit the company by embracing a more holistic view of its processes. 

The broader picture is as essential as the understanding of everyday tasks. Providing this early in our employees’ careers is a key component for an agile company. Recently, we recognized that the need for a more fulfilling and flexible type of work is necessary for this knowledge based global sector we work in. 

Employees are stepping away from the old devotion to deep specialization, and they want to know how their contribution fits into the greater scheme of things. There’s a stronger tendency to ask “Why?” than “How?” And the “Why” becomes a vital motivation in a world where the new generation is searching for meaning as much as success. The programme is structured around this need and aims to achieve it by rotating the graduates to three key departments.

In the project manager rotation, the graduates are involved in all aspects of a live project. This will include all the day-to-day tasks, as well as providing support to the senior project managers. This rota is characterized by its rapid pace, as the graduates are involved in different projects and get to see the role from various angles.

In the business analyst rotation, we integrate the graduates in a project team to gain a deeper understanding of our core system, requirements gathering, specification and project lifecycle via real project work and a project simulation running in parallel. This rotation emphasizes on deepening the knowledge of the system and understanding the processes crucial for delivering success. 

The client relationship manager rotation, similar to the project manager role, provides the graduates with a variety of tasks and projects with more client exposure and frequent workshops. By working alongside the senior client relationship managers, the graduates gather insight on how we manage the relationships with our clients to enable them to achieve success. This rota highlights where success lies in the long term, beyond simply delivering a project on time, for our clients.

Moving forward, we aim to enhance the type of work experience with different types of projects and clients, thus providing future graduates with a better understanding of how a successful, multinational company operates. Establishing ties with each department and knowledge of each role’s motivations and challenges will be a valuable tool for their next steps and further professional successes. 

Once the rotations are complete, the graduates will have a better idea as to what they want to achieve in their careers, and the steps they’ll need to take to get there. Regardless of the path and role they choose, the knowledge gained from working at Apak will help them along their professional journeys.

Our current graduate intake is the epitome of the spirit of camaraderie. The notion of “we’re in this together” is a fundamental principle in Apak’s culture. 

Despite splitting the graduates into different functions, they integrated smoothly within their temporary departments and kept the cohesiveness of the graduate team itself. The balance they kept between personal ambition and team spirit is something we hope to maintain and enhance as the programme progresses. Working with them is an indication of how competency, integrity, humour and curiosity can enhance and refresh our company’s culture. 

From wide-company initiatives, to top-notch project work, memes and FIFA tournaments for charity, the graduates have made their mark at Apak and provided a good omen for things to come. 

By Spyra Chalari at 19 Feb 2020, 09:32 AM


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