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The FCA Regulatory Sandbox is here to disrupt the finance industry in a BIG way

The Regulatory Sandbox is part of Project Innovate that aims to enhance competition and innovation in the industry.

By Chris Tobey at 16 Jun 2016

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The human element in financial innovation and retail banking in 2016

Chris Tobey looks at the importance of customer service and innovation in an increasingly competitive environment

By Chris Tobey at 14 Jun 2016

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2016: A Year of Challenge, but was this ever not the case?

Reflecting upon UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s warning of a 'dangerous cocktail' of economic risks’ and the impact for the global automotive and financial industries, it is hard not to recognize that there are certainly challenges ahead. But also, to take my favoured ‘glass half full approach’, to acknowledge that where there are threats, also lies opportunity.

By James Powell at 1 Jan 2016

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