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New Banks to Receive a Helping Hand to Drive Innovation and Enhance Competition

The FCA and PRA introduce the New Bank Start-Up Unit to enhance competition and innovation in the banking industry

By James Powell at 22 Jan 2016

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2016: A Year of Challenge, but was this ever not the case?

Reflecting upon UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s warning of a 'dangerous cocktail' of economic risks’ and the impact for the global automotive and financial industries, it is hard not to recognize that there are certainly challenges ahead. But also, to take my favoured ‘glass half full approach’, to acknowledge that where there are threats, also lies opportunity.

By James Powell at 1 Jan 2016

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The Sword Apak used car stocking outlook Q4

In the latest quarterly outlook, Sword Apak considers the latest challenges to be faced in the UK used car stocking market

By James Powell at 20 Nov 2015

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Data Security - Keep it safe with ISO 27001

In today’s increasingly digital world data security is all-important. Sword Apak looks into this further.

By Chris Shearwood at 2 Mar 2015

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An Introduction to Mailmark

Learn all about Mailmark™, the £70 million investment from Royal Mail

By Lee Jones at 1 Jul 2014

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