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Introducing the Apak Charity Team (ACT)

In light of our corporate culture and identity with a commitment and responsibility that goes beyond the financial services sector that we serve; we have created the Sword Apak Charity Team (ACT)

By Mika Curtis at 25 Apr 2017

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NADA 100 New Orleans - The Round Up

NADA reflects on the global scale of the automotive industry; providing insights into the US retailing model and the chance to study the similarities and nuances across the international industry

By James Powell at 10 Feb 2017

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Putting the "use" into Used Cars

James Powell explores the changing trend from ownership to Personal Contract Purchase in the used car market.

By James Powell at 8 Feb 2017

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NADA 100 - Celebration & Change

James Powell at the 2017 NADA Convention and Exposition in New Orleans explores the key topics affecting the Automotive Finance industry at an event that this year celebrates 100 years of NADA

By Natalie Sweet at 27 Jan 2017

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