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High security, top quality

Data security is imperative to Apak Group; ensuring the confidential and commercially sensitive data of our clients is constantly protected around the clock is pivotal to our business. We set clear and definable data management objectives that are overseen by our CEO and Project Management Office.

To demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding information security, Apak Group has successfully attained ISO accreditations 27001 and 9001. These standards are internationally accepted standards to ensure best practice in business; the standards are applied throughout the Apak business and we constantly monitor and regularly review them.

ISO/IEC 27001- Information Security Management

This is a standardized approach to managing sensitive information to ensure it remains secure. Apak Group applies a regimented risk management process that applies to:

  • All Apak Group staff
  • Third parties
  • Company processes
  • IT Systems 

Apak Group applies ISO27001 controls where necessary to reduce risk levels, within accepted criteria. All documentation handling and distribution conforms to ISO27001 requirements, whether external or internal.

ISO 9001- Quality Management

Quality management standards include requirements such as a strong client focus, dedication towards continual improvement and having top management in place. By adhering to these requirements we ensure our clients get consistent, high-quality services and products that will benefit their business. ISO accreditations cover all aspects of our business and they are strictly adhered to by every member of staff across all levels of the company. We ensure data is available when needed for authorized personnel, it is accurate and complete within a secure network and system, and it remains confidential at all times. We have put in place a rigorous process to ensure our specific objectives are maintained at all times:

  • Comply with IT security policies as agreed within contracts between the client and Apak Group
  • Ensure staff follow strict protocol regarding security responsibilities
  • Ensure we handle (record, investigate, analyze) security incidents promptly
  • Reduce and control risk (using the framework of ISO 27001)

Regular checks, continuous quality

We carry out regular security management reviews; this includes internal and external audits, feedback from our clients, process performance and any new legislative requirements. Regulatory bodies, such as Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), conduct objective and intensive audits of our company to ensure we are meeting the expectations of our clients.

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